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hello i'm karmindy/johwa and i once knew a girl who would pick off the chocolate shell in a reeses cup and just eat the peanut butter patty and that really messed me up for a while
May 30 '11

sorry these needed their own post

drawn by me and erica (and the upper left kawaii uguu batman in the first pic by kata) to decorate her table!! apparently a lot of people asked to buy them….lol


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    asdgas;ldkfjds;f OMFG I CAN’T!!! ajsdfa;dlf OMFGGG l;ksajf;ladsf WHAT ARE YOU DOING AQUAMAN? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHY DID...
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    i hope you guys do xD i’ll be there again next year too~
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    Woah. I love you guys! I’m dying! Pfft!